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6:10-- Ospite_2807: If the essay would've purely written on the basis of facts it might simply have turned into a factual report without regarding the human psyche to rethink within the subtle issues.
Doing so will ensure that this logical flow of your work allows it to come across clearly and completely in the reader's mind. Are you able to inject your individual perspective from a personal experience or observation.

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While it was no secrete towards the end of the Vietnam War that it was a failure, Oliver Stone does a good job of showing and not telling us why it was a failure.
With no clear objective other than communism from spreading, it was obvious that the soldiers realized that they weren really fighting anything but their own mental sanity. It was a war between those American soldiers who stayed tried to stay sane against those who let the power of war corrupt them..

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This mosaic was made in 1261 to mark the end of the 57 year Catholic control of Hagia Sophia.

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